(Kids art class, Forest hills. Ages 7-9)

(Kids art class, Forest Hills. Ages 5-12)

Art Lessons:
My lessons are for those interested in receiving instruction in traditional painting and drawing. I work with both children and adults at every level from beginner to advanced, and help them develop stronger artistic skills.
I believe that every person is capable of great creativity, and my desire is to work with those individuals who want to bring out what is in their imaginations and make them tangible.

Art lessons are $50 an hour for a two hour lesson.

Student testimonials:

"I learned more from Charles in a few lessons than I did at art school. In addition to his patience he explained the importance of using good materials. That fact alone made such a difference in the quality of my paintings."
Linda Carlson, Queens, N.Y.

"Charles prepared me to have more confidence in my abilities as an artist and strengthened my understanding of painting and drawing. I would recommend Charles wholeheartedly to anyone who is in need of art instruction at any level."
Iyabo Akinedewo, Brooklyn, N.Y

For further information call Charles at 646-641-4659
or email Charlesbasman@hotmail.com

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